The Paper Arts Collective

2021 Open Photographic Print Exhibition

A juried exhibition of fine art photography open to all photographic artists producing work on paper prints.

Submission Deadline

June 30, 2021

Final Jury Selection

September 1, 2021

Submission Closed

This international exhibition is open to all photographic artists producing work on paper. Submissions are limited to a maximum of six photographs. The photographs must be submitted as prints for review and selection by the exhibition jury. The work must be original work created by the artist. The exhibition will feature both black & white as well as color. Photographs selected for exhibition will be shown as finished prints measuring up to 20"x30.

A small registration fee and a per print submission fee is required to participate. Print sales will be facilitated through the gallery on behalf of the artist. The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2021. We look forward to receiving your submissions and wish you the very best luck! Print submission and selection details.

Artist Info

Columbia Art Center

6100 Foreland Garth

Columbia, MD 21045

October 18 through the 21st 2021

Gallery Opening Night Visitation Times





Tickets for visitors are required only for Opening Night. Light refreshments will be served.

Some of the exhibited artists will be available to discuss their work with visitors during the Opening and at other times during the exhibition. You will also be able to meet the judges. The presence of the winners and judges is dependent on several factors and are subject to changes. We will post an approximate schedule prior to the event.

Prints will be mounted on an acid-free, perfect for framing. All prints in the exhibition will be for sale. Custom sizes and unmounted prints may be available (image dependent). Please speak to the Contest Coordinator if you are interested in a custom size or unmounted print. The contest judges will also have prints for sale.

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Green Light Approved

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Why is fairness in photo competitions so important?

  • Photographers’ copyright and moral rights deserve to be respected when they participate in contests.
  • Photo contests that provide fair terms and good benefits for photographers deserve to be promoted.